How a Professional African Translations Company introduces your Business to the African Market

As it is, there are franchise branches already existing and still opening up in Africa although they originate from other continents and these include Woolworth, KFC, Pizza Hut and other brands like Colgate, Coca cola, Pepsi if we are to mention the common names in the market.

Well, the above are the common ones like we said but you might be an entrepreneur or business person desiring to expand to the African continent which as of today bustling with potential. Unlike in the old days, there is a shift to this continent where people are looking out for what works in Africa.

For example, we see international acts in the music industry making collaborations with African artists or incorporating the African print into their wardrobe. French Montana. An American Hip hop artist recently made News when he made a song with triplet, Ugandan kids famous on YouTube for their dancing videos.

Professional African Translations Company
French Montana, an American Hip hop artist performing with ghetto kids from Africa

Another here is Gwen Stefani a renowned American pop artist who was also a judge on the popular singing talent search show the voice who has been regularly seen to wear African print.

Professional African Translations Company
Gwen Stefani, an American pop star and former the Voice judge adorned in African print.

About Africa

It should be noted that Africa has over 1.2 billion inhabitants which is a very good number in the eyes of a business man wanting to acquire a bigger market. Therefore a professional African Translations Company is crucial for purposes of effective communication because the message or the product will be advertised in the language the people in the particular African country understand best. For example the English understood in Nigeria differs from that in Uganda as each is influenced by culture and indigenous languages.

Speaking of indigenous languages, there are over 1500 languages on the African continent with many not mutually intelligible thus another reason as to why your business message should be packaged in a way a particular people from a certain region will understand. This does not necessarily mean that you will need translations for all because honestly, a country like Tanzania has over 100 languages. However, one can find common ground in lingua franca or national languages spoken by all and then package the message/product/service to suit how that particular language is spoken or understood in that particular region.

Did you know that there are 54 countries in Africa? 54 potential markets for your business to expand and make more profits especially with the fast growing economies of these countries. According to the world bank, Africa makes it to the list of the fastest growing economies in the world in the year 2018 and the African countries on this list include Ghana with a GDP growth at market prices at 8.3% , Ethiopia 8.2%, Djibouti 7.2% and with Tanzania at 6.3%.

Why a professional African Translations Company

Professional here means that there is structure in such companies with project managers, translators and interpreters and proof readers. This therefore ensures that there is due process and in case of errors, they are detected as the translations work passes through many pairs of capable hands. This also means that the translators or interpreters actually studied what they do on top of being native speakers of the African language in question. Being a native speaker is crucial because this individual then is familiar with the characteristics and mannerisms of the language in question.

Confidentiality is key when it comes to your business because you would want to ensure that none of your business secrets fall into the hands of your competitors. This is taken seriously when dealing with a professional African Translations Company as they are well aware of the consequences involved if this were to happen.

A Professional African Translations Company will consider specialization when hiring its personnel and therefore have translators/interpreters in major aspects of life like Medical, Academic, and Financial. This ensures that the translators are well versed with the wordings and frame work according to what your business deals in.

Common African languages you may consider include:

By Angela Kyolaba

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