Sudan dies in Kenya! Why Swahili Translation Services are Important To Wildlife

Sudan recently passed away in Kenya at the age of 45, which is the equivalent of a 90 year old human being. No, Sudan in this case is not a country; he was rather the last Northern White male Rhinoceros remaining because of the species rarity. Although he left behind two daughters, the entire Wild life fraternity world over is saddened by his passing because his subspecies is a rare gem.

Sudan passed away at the Ol Pejeta conservancy in Kenya leaving behind two females and it is with the latter that Wild life sympathisers have hope placed that one day they will be carriers of the next generation of the Northern White Rhino.

It should be noted that Kenya, a country in East Africa was home together with other African countries to several of the white rhinos; the other countries included;

It is reported that the population of the northern white Rhino was wiped out in the 1970’s and 80’s when poaching was at its pick due to the demand of rhino horn for Chinese medicines and daggers made in Yemen.

Although the death of Sudan has saddened many, it should not e over looked that there is still plenty of wild life basking in the tropics of the African continent with many other species that are successfully regenerating. This is evidenced by the ever increasing number of the wild life tourism sector and the difference this time is that the locals in these countries too are part of the tourists that flock these wild life centers.

Swahili Translation Services

The boost in the wild life tourism sector in Africa has also highlighted the need for professional Translation Services. Translations and interpretations have always existed in the tourism sector with tour guides gambling their way through with broken English or with the tourists throwing a few words they pick up in the African languages.

However, there is the rise of professional translation services in Africa all together thus knitting Africa closer to itself and to the outside world through effective communication.

Some of the African translation services that exist include;

Professional translation services are the way to go for purposes of high quality results in which ever field one specialises in; could be Education, Health, Medical, Nature etc.

By Angela Kyolaba