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Sudan Translation Services

We provide high quality and professional translation services in Sudan. We ensure accurate and timely delivery of professional services to our clients. We have a team of qualified native linguists ready to provide translation services 24/7. We offer services like book translations, document translations, financial translations, medical translations.

The Necessary Information About Sudan

Officially the republic of Sudan is an Arab republic within the Nile Valley of north Africa bordering Egypt in the North, the Red Sea, Eritrea and Ethiopia to the east, south Sudan to the south, the central African republic in the south west, Chad in the west, Libya to the northwest, Sudan is the third largest country in Africa. Its capital is Khartoum, the political, cultural and commercial centre of the nation. Other cities includes, Geneina, Wadmadani, Port Sudan, Kassala, EL Obeid, Kosti, El Faisher and Omdurman.

 Major Languages Spoken In Sudan

Sudan is a multilingual country dominated by Sudanese Arabic, whereby its official languages are literally Arabic and English; due to being multilingual it also uses Beja, Nubian and Furi languages.

The Economy of Sudan

Around 2010, Sudan was considered the 17th fastest growing economy in the world and the rapid development of the country largely from oil profits even when facing international sanctions, was noted by the New York times in a 2006 article. Even with the oil profits before the secession of South Sudan, Sudan still faced formidable economic problems, and its growth was still a rise from a very low level of per capita output. In any case, the economy in the Sudan has been slowly growing over the last ten years, and according to a World Bank report the overall growth in GDP in 2010 was 5.2 percent compared to 2009 growth of 4.2 percent

Arabic Translation Services

Our company offers Arabic translation and interpretation services produced by the qualified and certified native translators that are culturally up dated and sensitive to regional language differences. We also translate Arabic into English or any other language and vice versa.

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