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Professional translation services call for expertise and specialization in challenging areas, where accuracy of the target language is of vital importance, right! The good news is, Translate 4 Africa Ltd offers fast, reliable, and accurate professional translation services to global businesses. Our services cover over 100 language combinations competitively priced. We work with various companies in Africa and across the globe in the different sectors such as technical, medical, government, marketing, financial, legal, among others. These projects are carried out by our expert native translators specialized in such fields.


Major services we offer at Translate 4 Africa include:-

Matchless translation services in over 100 languages

We deliver professional translation services in over 100 African languages to businesses and corporate clients worldwide. Here we help you leap briskly over African language barriers, put the power of words at your disposal, and let you tell your story with compelling, persuasive and powerful voice. We deliver confidence in all African languages, quickly and reliably. Some of the languages we translate into and from include; Ganda, Swahili, French, Acoli, Afrikaans, and many more.

Why choose us?

Professionalism/Professional translators

Our management team is made up of professional, accredited personnels with experience. And all our translators are highly qualified professionals with at least 5 years of relevant experience.


Our professional translators are located in various countries across Africa. This allows us to work 24 hours a day and to complete your projects as quickly as possible. Our prices too can be adjusted accordingly to fit within your budget. And for clients who are in urgency of their projects, we can adjust to working 7 days a week to deliver their project with in the required period of time.

Project management team

We always answer your requests as soon as possible. Our translators begin their duty of translating your documents as soon as we agree on the terms. And we are always contactable during the project itself.

Our project management team ensures that your translation project is handled to the best of your satisfaction. Upon request of the client, we also provide certified translations which are often required to ascertain the validity and accuracy of the translation.


Translate 4 Africa’s specialized translators are hand picked based on their expertise. We are confident that any translation project will be handled with expertise. Our translators are bilingual translators who have vast experience in translating difficult and complex subject matter. We apply two quality phases/translation processes. We assign two quality translators to handle your project.

  • 1st translator handles a draft translation.
  • 2nd independent translator handles revision/proofreading.

We know you built a hard earned reputation; let Translate 4 Africa help keep that in tact by producing only the highest quality translations.


We regularly work with major companies and international organizations around the world. From small startups to globally recognized brands, our clients are always happy with our services. All documents translated by our company are handled with the highest degree of confidentiality. On request, we give non-disclosure agreements as a sign of our commitment before any translation work is done.

Competitive prices

Every translation project is unique, including yours. Let’s discuss your project specifics, so we can provide you with an estimate. Trust us with your project at competitive prices.

Quick turnaround time

How soon do you need your content translated? Turnaround time (TAT) simply means the amount of time taken to complete a process or fulfill a request. At Translate 4 Africa, we endeavor to complete your tasks within the shortest time possible.

Checkout our specialized major fields

We deliver translations executed by our industry specialist translators in fields such as:

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We perform most types of translation provided you give us clear guidelines and a reasonable deadline, so if you need a document, a website or any type of translation, do not hesitate to contact us.

Get in touch with us to day to learn more or to obtain a free quote.

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