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Language Tutoring Services

Are you in search for professional online language tutoring services? Well, count your search a success by contacting us here. At Translate 4 Africa, we have the best language tutors across the globe with linguistic degrees and tutoring or teaching experience. We cater for over 100+ languages. Get in touch with us for your languages tutoring to enhance your linguistic skills so as to hold a conversation, as well as become more advantageous for jobs and career opportunities.

We have classes set up for students, health care providers, hospitality, travel, and virtually every professional. Whether you want to travel after high schools to any country in Africa, or you want to work internationally, being bilingual can make a real difference.


Advantages of learning a new language with us

The advantages of bilingual tutoring at Translate 4 Africa Ltd, when compared with a traditional learning course at school or elsewhere include:-

  • You can learn one or more languages at your own pace, within your comfort and at an affordable cost.
  • It helps you get the undivided attention of an online language tutor, unlike in a room crowded with students.
  • You can as well opt for a flexible bilingual education learning schedule, according to your availability
  • You can get tutored by our virtual tutors, anywhere, any time.
  • By using the internet, you will have quick access to all your course material.

Learn from professional tutors, learn a new language

Using one of our online language tutors can be one of the best and fastest ways to learn the language before you go travel or work within an international environment. Our online tutors will give you the foundation and help you communicate effectively with other people in the target language. They will help you learn verb conjugation and know how to work efficiently with the foreign language of your choice while using the free online tool called Skype. Our tutors have great experiences and are either native or near native speakers of the target language.

What’s the need for you to become bilingual!

If you are skilled at only one language, say, French, then its time you leveraged the benefits of bilingualism. Here are the benefits of being bilingual:-

  • It helps you to grow intellectually, while enriching your mental development.
  • You achieve a better ear for listening and greater flexibility in thinking.
  • Improves your understanding of other languages such as English, Ganda, Swahili, Spanish, among others.
  • Eases your communication with people from other cultures and countries.
  • It helps you get a head start in the language requirements needed for a college degree.
  • Increases your self-esteem and understanding capabilities.
  • Improves your overall knowledge of different cultures, folk stories and music.
  • It gives you the ability to read and write in different languages.
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Schedule a language tutoring class with us

Basically, if you want to start practicing a new language, learn idiomatic expressions or slang in different foreign languages, this is the right place. Call now and schedule a class with one of our tutors.

Our language coordinator has a long experience as a tutor with a variety of language schools; he therefore knows the best methodology and strategy to use so that every student will learn as efficiently as possible.

Contact us today

Learn a foreign language with the best tutors. Which language do you crave for? Get in touch with us now for the best language tutoring services. We will be glad to help you find the best tutor for any of your language tutoring needs. We can also provide certified language teachers if necessary.

Get in touch with us to day to learn more or to obtain a free quote.

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