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Software Localization Services

We provide software localization services. The multilingual society and its eventual effect in global business has necessitated that software be localized to ensure that service delivery is made efficient to the local market.

Software localization (or localization) means translation of a software interface and messages to another language plus adaptation of some formats (e.g. measures, dates and currency) plus adaptation to local cultures (Wikipedia).

The changing trends in global business have prompted companies world over to localize software interface to suit the local market. This is important since in so doing the target clients are reached in the language that is best understood by them.

High Quality Software Localization Services

Our translations agency guarantees quality work to our clients. We believe in quality for our own integrity and for the integrity of our clients. We have a team highly specialized in software localization and they have been doing this for many years.

We provide high quality Africa software localization services in more than 300 African languages and dialects including Kinyarwanda and Afar. Our team for Africa software localization services is comprised of African native speakers but highly specialized in software translation.

We deal in software localization for both systems and computer software which include:

  •  Desktop software
  •  Web applications
  •  Mobile applications.
  •  Business software
  •  Astrology software
  •  Communication software
  •  Software for children
  •  Data management software
  •  Education software
  •  Entertainment software
  •  And many more
Software Localization Services
Reliable African Software Localization Services

Our professional translators are highly specialized in software management and localization. We have a team of more than 200 people with credible experience specializing in software localization. For Africa software localization, our team is committed to ensuring that software is Africanized and localized. This is handled by a team well versed in African knowledge and culture and countries like Somalia and others.

We offer our services while beating the deadline. We believe in time as an important aspect in global business and success. When executing our duties, we ensure that confidentiality is observed. We offer a non- disclosure agreement as a sign of our commitment to the former. This has made us trusted by many leading companies worldwide.

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