Is Arabic Africa’s most widely spoken Language?

Although Arabic as a language has over 250 million speakers worldwide with 100 million of these found on the second most populated continent; Africa. Arabic is also the most widespread official language of many African countries with the biggest number of Egypt having the biggest number of about 54 million speakers which has earned it the nickname; the Latin of Africa.

Arabic as a language in Africa was due to the North African conquest by Arabs and whose main aim was to spread Islam to Africa which they managed to do because North Africa is dominated by Islam and Arabs as compared to the rest of Africa.

The Arabic Language comes in variations in Africa

Arabic is of various forms in Africa as it is influenced by the culture, local languages and way of life of the people where it is spoken. This is what brings about the differences although all forms of Arabic are said to be mutually intelligible. The spoken forms of Arabic are the various ones and include; Hassaniya North African, Egyptian, Iraqi, Yemen, Hejazi and Sudanese Arabic to mention just a few. This depends on the geographical location, country, culture or religion of a certain group of Arabic people. This is because with distance, changes evolution and therefore the Arabic too changes as one moves from country to country or culture to culture. It should be noted that Arabic is spoken all over Africa especially by the Muslim community

What brings all the forms of Arabic language together is the Modern Standard Arabic which is referred to as the written form of Arabic and is used by News outlets, publishers, institutions and individuals as well.

Other famous languages in Africa;

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By Angela Kyolaba