The Russia World Cup Rainbow of Languages

After Croatia lost to Brazil at the opening match at the Russia World Cup, Vedran Corluka, a Croatian player complained that he did not understand what the referee was saying as the latter was speaking Japanese at the ongoing Russia World Cup Rainbow of Languages!

32 countries battling for the World Cup winner’s title from the 14th of June to the 15th of July 2018 in the mighty Russia. Why “mighty Russia?” this is because Russia is stereotyped to be a country of massive tough individuals with some calling them racist.

There are five African countries holding the continent’s flag at the ongoing World cup matches these being; Senegal, Egypt, Nigeria, Tunisia and Morocco. .

There are also six referees from Africa with 10 referee assistants all together coming from countries like; Algeria, Zambia, Gambia, Egypt and Ethiopia .

Do the languages spoken by the African teams match with Russian languages?

Football itself is a universal language of some sorts that unites and divides the world at the same time when people from different countries who speak different languages unite to support a team from a country different from their own just like it is happening right now at the world cup.

Russia alone apart from Russian as the official language has other minor languages like Armenian, Azerbaijani, Azar and Mordovian languages to mention a few. It should be noted that all language in Russia do not include any official and spoken by people from the African countries taking part in the world cup! It should be noted that the official and common languages of the African teams in the Russia World Cup Rainbow of languages include;

But the world cup activities have to go on anyway and therefore communication has to be eased for the games to go on as they are meant to.

Professional Translation Services

It is undisputable that professional translation services are hired in the Russia World Cup matches especially for the officials and service providers who take care of the teams.

By Angela Kyolaba

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