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Translate 4 Africa Agency makes it easy for your products and services to reach their clients through providing Gambia translation services. Our team consists of high quality Professional Elites in translation services in different specialists; well equipped and focused on delivering the needs of the clients as directed. We are committed to ensuring that our work is done with much precision without compromising the originality of the work. We are aware of the pivotal role that quality work plays in the fame of your company as our clients.

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Our translation professionals offer various kinds of translations services such as;

About Gambia.

The republic of Gambia is an enclaved country in the west Africa mostly surrounded by Senegal with a short strip of its coastline bordered by the Atlantic ocean at its western end, it the smallest country on the main land Africa, Banjul is the capital city of Gambia while the largest cities are Serekunda and Brikama.

English is used as the official language in Gambia. Other languages spoken by Gambians are Mandinka, Wolof, Fula, Serer, Krio and other indigenous vernaculars.

The Economy of Gambia

Gambia is connected to global value chains through two main sectors: tourism and nuts. Tourism and nut production are the main foreign exchange earners outside the re-exports sector.
Gambia has a liberal, market-based economy characterized by traditional subsistence agriculture, a historic reliance on groundnuts (peanuts) for export earnings, a re-export trade built up around its ocean port, low import duties and minimal administrative procedures.

Wolof and Fula Translation Services

Our agency provides high quality Wolof and Fula translation into or from their originality to any other language. We don’t limit clients on their preference but ensure work is done in line with the client’s orders.

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