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Senegal Translation Services

Translate 4 Africa Agency extends expert Senegal Translation Services. Our team is made up of experienced professional translators fully committed to their work. We observe accuracy in translation and maintain the originality of the document being translated. Some of the services we provide include; scientific translations, financial translation, marketing translations, legal translations and many more.

About Senegal

Senegal is located in West Africa. It is the West Country in the mainland of the old World or Eurafarasia and owes its name to the Senegal River that borders it to the east and north. Dakar is the capital city of Senegal, It is bordered by Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Mali, and Mauritania and it shares a maritime border with Cape Verde.

Languages Spoken in Senegal

French is the official language for Senegal used by the minority of Senegalese educated in a system styled upon the colonial era schools of French origin. Some people also speak their own ethnic languages especially in Dakar; Wolof is the lingua franca, other languages are Soninke, Pulaar, Sere, Jola, Balantu, Ganja, Mandinka, and Mankanya.

The Economy of Senegal

Senegal instigated a major economic reform program with the support of international donors. This reform began with a 50% devaluation of the country’s currency. Government price controls and subsidies were also dismantled. As a result, Senegal’s inflation went down, investment went up, and the gross domestic product rose approximately 5 percent per year between 1995 and 2001. Senegal also is one of the countries with the best developed tourist industries in Africa. The main industries include food processing, mining, cement, artificial fertilizers chemicals and textiles. The country’s capital city Dakar is also home to banks and other institutions and a hub for shipping and transport. The principal foreign market is India at 26.7 percent of exports (as of 1998). Other foreign markets include the United States, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Soninke Translation Services

We provide high quality Soninke translation services. Our team consists of a network of 5000 translators who are able to translate any Soninke document to any other language and vice versa. Our translators are native speakers of the language. We believe that accurate translation can be done by the native speakers due to their diverse knowledge of the language. Click here to visit the African languages.

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