Do you know the most spoken language of Africa?

It should be noted that although the Arabic language has about 250 million speakers worldwide, 100 million of these re on the second most populous continent; Africa. It is also the most widespread official language to various African states with the biggest number of 54 million speakers in Egypt alone in the North of the continent.

Major Arabic countries in Africa

This language was as a result of the North African conquest by Arabs and their plans to spread Islam to Africa which is evident to date as North Africa is ethnically different from the rest of Africa as they are mostly Arabs.

Various types of Arabic

This usually depends on the geographical location, country, culture or religion of where a person is. This is because with distance, changes occur due to evolution and therefore the Arabic too changes as one moves from country to country or culture to culture.

Modern Standard Arabic; is the written form of the language used in news articles, online and in novels. It’s spoken in newscasts and in some TV shows.

Then there is the spoken type of Arabic is where all the differences come about for example;

Then it should also be noted that apart from North African countries where Arabic is formal and common, it is also spoken in almost all African countries altogether by the Islamic communities including Islamic based schools as is synonymous with Islam as a language.

Other common languages in Africa;

Languages are communication vehicles that are eased with professional translation services for more effective communication since it is almost impossible for one to understand and speak all languages there is.