Why Legal Translations Are Necessary

It’s a well-known expression that knowledge is power. In fact Africa continues to limp simply because its people are not equipped intellectually and lack support to translate the available knowledge into tangible benefits. So instead of the governments in Africa investing more in building libraries and supporting the creative process, they invest more in building more prisons and buying guns and teargas to suppress dissent.

Now consider the developed world; people there know their rights and demand better services short of which the leaders are impeached or voted out without fear. It goes without saying that Uganda and most countries in sub-Saharan Africa can never attain the long-cherished dream of middle-income status without equipping its people to know and stand for their rights.

The need to translate the constitution

The first step in equipping Ugandans to know their rights and play their role as responsible citizens is give them the constitution. It is the mandate of the government to make the constitution accessible in both print and audio versions and in all languages that cover this multi-ethnic nation so that everyone can read it and understand it, while those who cannot read can access it in audio format in their mother tongues. If the government can do that, then people will know their rights; they will know that they pay taxes so that the government can deliver services and when the latter fails as it has often, then people can rise up and demand accountability from the rulers. Thus the need to translate not only the constitution but also the penal code and other legislative and executive literature is paramount. Thus legal translations are quintessential and essential if Uganda is to achieve Vision 2030.

Translation services can also be provided in number of languages within different African countries such as;

Tigrinya translation services

Somali Translation services

Malagasy Translation services

Yoruba Translation services

Chewa Translation services

Wolof Translation services

Kinyarwanda translation services.

All the above may also apply to a specific genre of work or expertise and this could be Financial translations, Court Interpreting and conference interpreting, Educational translations, Immigration translations etc.