Why consider a Professional African Translation Company and not an individual Linguist

Contacting an individual Linguist for your translation work involving African languages may appear simpler however, hiring a Professional African Translation Company will boost your business or make sure the intended audience/market gets your message/product loud and clear.

There are over 2000 indigenous languages in Africa alone which further shows the beauty and diversity of the black continent and in order to get your business introduced to the owners of these languages you need to take it a notch higher by translating the messages from the original foreign messages to the African languages or from the African languages to those foreign ones.

Pros of a Professional African Translation Company

First and foremost there is structure in these professional African Translation companies which means there are several steps followed from the beginning of a translation project up to its end. There are personnel at every level responsible for the smooth running of their part of the job which brings about perfection. For example, there is the project manager who is some sort of supervisor overseeing a translation project every step of the way.

There is the translator/interpreter who does the actual translation of the languages and you should note that these translators have the languages in question as their native tongues thus familiar with the mannerisms, culture and characteristics based on the geographical location since there are those languages that cross borders and have differences. There are the proof readers who go through the translated work to ensure it is done perfectly in accordance with the context, grammar and spellings thus giving you, the client satisfactory products.

Why African you ask; an Africa based professional translation company beats the ones based oversees because the former are on ground and their skills and familiarity of the indigenous languages evolves as the continent evolves. This means that they will produce up to date work.

A translator affiliated to a Professional African Translation Company has been tried and tested unlike the individual one and will therefore carry out the translation work professionally and you will be secure that it is not a trial and fail kind of thing.

An example of Language diversity in Africa

The above are just a drop in water compared to the thousands of languages on the continent and although some are spoken in various countries or by several tribes, they still have differences due to the different culture and influences thus making a Professional African Translation Company essential to solve communication barriers.

By Angela Kyolaba

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