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Libya Translation Services

We provide high quality Libya translation services to our clients in  a quick and appropriate manner. Quick delivery and easy access of our services by clients is what we value. Our translation services offered by the trained professional experts are in various categories, these include;

More bout Libya

Libya is the country in the Maghreb region of North Africa bordered by Mediterranean Sea to the north, Egypt to the east, Sudan to the southeast, Chad and Niger to the south and Algeria and Tunisia to the west. The largest city and capital is Tripoli located in western Libya and contains over one million of Libya’s six million people. The other large city is Benghazi which is located in eastern Libya.

Languages Spoken in  Libya

The official language of Libya is Modern Standard Arabic. Most residents speak one of the varieties of Arabic, as a first language, most prominently Libyan Arabic, but also Egyptian Arabic and Tunisian Arabic. Other languages also include; Berber, Domar, Tedaga

The Economic Nature of Libya

The Economy of Libya depends primarily on revenues from the petroleum sector, which contributes practically on all export earnings and over half of the GDP. These oil revenues and a small population have given Libya the highest nominal per capita GDP in Africa. After 2000, Libya recorded favorable growth rates with an estimated 10.6% growth of GDP in 2010.

The Arabic Translation Services

Our Arabic translation services are timely, we work within the required time frame and deliver as agreed upon. We translate the Arabic language to English and to other languages, depending on the preference of the client. Our Arabic translation services are produced by our certified native translators that are culturally up-to-date and sensitive to language differences.

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