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We are Translate 4 Africa agency with professional Niger Translation Services. We ensure quality for clients because we know what quality brings about between the company and our clients. Our team is well equipped with different talents, skills, knowledge on different fields on translation projects. We provide a number of translation projects like; certified translations, marketing translations, patent translations, and many more.

About Niger

Niger is a land locked country in the western Africa, named after the Niger River bordering Chad to the east, Algeria to the north, Nigeria and Benin to the south, Burkina Faso and Mali to the west. Niger covers a land mass of almost 1,270,000 kilometer per square, making it the largest nation in West Africa, with over 80 percent of its land area covered by the Sahara desert. The country’s predominantly Islamic population of 17,138,707 is mostly clustered in the far south and west of the nation. The capital city is Niamey, located in the far south west corner of Niger.

Language Spoken in Niger

French which is inherited from the colonialists, is taken as the official language in Niger. It is mainly spoken as a second language and also used for official administrative purposes, the media and the business communities. However Hausa is spoken by the majority population.
The usual categorization of languages of Niger mentions eight national languages: (Hausa, Zarma/Songhai, Fulfulde, Tamajeq, Kanuri, Arabic, Gurma, and Tebu).

The Economy of Niger

The economy of Niger depends on subsistence farming and some of the world’s uranium deposits. Drought cycles, desertification, a 2.9% population growth rate, and the drop in world demand for uranium have undercut the economy.
Niger being landlocked country faces challenges to economic development, desert terrain, poor education and poverty of its people, poor infrastructure, poor health care, and environmental degradation.

The Hausa translation services

Our company provides professional Hausa translations services to assist our clients with a variety of language translations into over 100 different languages. We translate Hausa into other languages and vice versa.

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