Languages of Somalia, Professional African Translation Services & Insecurity

Once considered the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Somalia is famous for the wrong reasons owing to al-shabaab’s unconventional methods of trying for decades to push it to extreme Islam, thus carrying out deadly attacks on civilians, foreigners and neighbouring countries who resist the radicalism and Professional African Translation Services could play a positive role.

The recent such attack was on DusitD2 complex in Nairobi, Kenya where more than 21 innocent people (Kenyans and foreigners) tragically lost their lives as armed men stormed the complex shooting at random while hurling explosives at the same time.

Indigenous Languages of Somalia

Somalia is itself a beautiful country in the horn of Africa boasting of … kilometers of a coastal line with beautiful architectural borrowed from the Arabs with a dash of British and Italian influences too as the latter too once colonized Somalia in the 1800s and 1900s.

Somali is the most spoken language in Somali as the language and ethnic group are the large accounting for about 65% althlough there are other minority languages such us Bravanese, Kibajuni and Mushunguli with most being localized versions of the Swahili language.

The Foreign Languages of Somalia

The main foreign language in Somalia would be Arabic, first of all because of influence of Islam where the country is 100% Muslim and of course the main language of instruction in Islam is Arabic. It should be noted that the Somali dictionary has over 1000 words borrowed from Arabic.

Then there is English and Italian that came in the picture as Britain and Italy had their share of ruling the Somali land in the

The strides of progress

We ought to acknowledge the fact that Somalia has and is still making strides to becoming better and safer. Despite of the safety levels being better, the insecurity dispersed many Somalis to both neighbouring and faraway lands and that is why there are big Somali communities in countries like Kenya, Uganda, UK, US, South Africa and Canada just to mention a few of such places. This came about as they searched for safer places to raise families, build careers and live normally without fear of attacks from the al-shabaab and civil unrests in general.

Communication is crucial back home in Somalia where humanitarian groups both local and international trying to make it easy for the civilians and in other countries where people from Somalia reside.

Even in terms of businesses communication is vital thus Professional African Translation Services come in handy for effectiveness.

Professional African Translation Services include;

Fighting terrorism requires effective communication and one way to do this is through Professional African Translation Services for purposes of accuracy.

By Angela Kyolaba

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