Is African Languages Blogging Even Possible?

African Languages Blogging is so rare and therefore sites like Jamii Forum, a Tanzanian based site that engages with its visitors in the Swahili language has become popular because it is not an everyday thing.

Its popularity can also be based on the fact that the new communications bill in Tanzania is rumoured to be indirectly targeting it because of its role in the present and past of holding leaders, especially the political leaders accountable. In fact some people in big positions resigned or lost their positions as a result of Jamii Forums. An example here is the Tanzanian former Prime Minister, Edward Lowassa who when accused of an alleged fraudulent deal in the Energy sector with a US company by Jamii Forum, resigned. This garnered a lot of praise and trust from the Tanzanian people.

Why African Languages Blogging is a brilliant idea

African Languages Blogging although timid for now would be a great endeavour in the long run for so any reasons.

One of the reasons would be effective communication definitely. Whenever information is relayed by a party to another, then absolute communication is expected and in what better way than in a language one understands best. Yes most of the people in Africa are well versed with the official languages in their countries. However, if the information was relayed in a language they understand best, then communication would be deemed effective. When this happens solutions are sought out for whatever issues a community had. It should be noted that while some countries have the colonial languages for their official languages, there are African countries with majority of their indigenous languages listed among their official languages.

Official Indigenous African languages include;

Blogging in indigenous languages sustains culture for future generations. If influential bloggers disseminated content in their local dialects, his would leave an impression on the minds of the younger generation enticing them to mind their local dialects further. Language is an important factor of culture and therefore if the culture of any community is to be preserved, then language should come at the forefront. One may ask then how will those that understand not the language in particular benefit? Professional Translation Services here is the answer. Here native speakers of a language in particular who are at the same time trained and qualified personnel both in languages and the field in question are hired to translate the content from an African local dialect to any other language as the need is.

The notion of blogging in African indigenous languages sounds farfetched but when one thinks of the long term benefits this would bring about, the notion then seems possible.

By Angela Kyolaba

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