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African English Language in the Gold Coast Common Wealth Games

While English is what the Common Wealth countries have in common, there are lots of the African English Language varieties spoken by the African countries taking part in this year's Gold Coast Common Wealth games! [caption id="attachment_1241" align="alignnone" width="275"] Caster Semenya at the 2018 Common Wealth Games at the Gold…

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Is African Languages Blogging Even Possible?

African Languages Blogging is so rare and therefore sites like Jamii Forum, a Tanzanian based site that engages with its visitors in the Swahili language has become popular because it is not an everyday thing. (more…)

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Why Professional Translations are vital for African Indigenous Languages

Being a linguist is an advantage in Africa as it makes life easier for one as they get to interact more efficiently with less limits unlike for those who only speak one or two African indigenous languages. This is because Africa alone is estimated to have between 1500 to 2000…