How Important is Professional Immigration Translation Services?

Professional Immigration Translation Services is as vital as it should be in this day and era where there are mass movements of people from Developing countries to the Developed ones in search of better lives for them and their families. While some seek to live in these new countries permanently others move simply to find better paying work which they in turn send to their families back home for purposes of building, paying fees for the school going siblings/children back home or simply to avail themselves with basic needs. It is documented that over 400,000 people from Sub Sahara Africa migrated to the U.S between 2010 and the year 2016 alone and that in the year 2017 more 420,000 people from Africa alone moved to Europe more than in the year 2013.

Professional Immigration Translation Services
Alan Kurdi’s lifeless body on the shore as a result of sea trafficking back in 2015 that saddened the world

It should be noted that other people who may not necessarily be poor move too to from Developed countries to the Developed ones or Developing countries to either work as expatriates; and these are usually very well paying, or to simply try and serve poor communities.

Documents involved in Professional Immigration Translation Services

In both scenarios immigration is important and this involves lots of paper work and interviews right from the earlier stages of wanting to acquire a visa and to the last and sometimes continuous stages of wanting to remain in the country in question

These documents usually involve birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, visa application forms, recommendation forms, bank statements to mention a few. Such documents are important because they help identify an individual and what they are really about.

The actual Translation/interpretation

It is obvious that languages usually defer basing on what continent, former colonial territory, country or region in a country one hails from which is not a problem at all because it shows diversity in our cultures. Although there are places that although differ when it comes to indigenous languages, they usually have common ground when it comes to their 2nd or 3rd language and this could be an official language or lingua franca thus making communication easier. This can work especially in casual incidences like meeting at a tourist destination and therefore making casual relationships in a common language however there are more serious incidences like immigration. Africa’s lingua francas include;

Immigration is a sensitive issue especially with the high levels of insecurity brought about by acts of terrorism that have become common especially in the Developed countries. For example, the infamous 9\11 terrorist attacks on U.S soil that killed more than 3000 and injured 6000 and more was carried out by people who hijacked and crashed 4 passenger planes into recognized buildings like the twin towers and the pentagon in Manhattan with the perpetrators having passed through the immigration procedures.

Explained further

Therefore professional Immigration translation services of all legal and formal documents is at times required especially when the country of origin uses different languages from that of the desired host country. In fact not only is translation required but rather, certified translation is required for purposes of credibility.

That is professional translators/ interpreters who speak the language in question as their first language ought to be employed in immigration centers and at borders. They should have specialization in the field at hand too and that includes the vocabulary and technicalities of a particular field and this could be immigration, finance or the legal field.

For those seeking asylum, interpreters of their mother tongue and preferably those hailing from regions as theirs should be used for purposes of accuracy to avoid consequences that hail from miscommunications like terrorism.

There have been heart breaking images of immigrants stranded out on the sea while painfully squeezed onto rafts or boats with worse images of lifeless bodies of toddlers washed onto the shores. African countries with a high number of immigrants to other countries as portrayed by the media include;

  • Nigeria tops the list with 270,000 people born there now living in the U.S and UK by the year 2017;
  • Ethiopia came next with 220,000
  • Ghana with 160,000
  • Kenya with 120,000
  • South Africa with 100,000
  • Somalia with 90,000 to mention a few.

By Angela Kyolaba

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