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Sierra Leon Translation Services

Translate 4 Africa Agency extends translation services of high professional quality to clients in Sierra Leone. We work with highly trained professionals, qualified in different specialties in services and manufacturing industry. Our services are delivered on time, thus avoiding disappointments among the clients because we know the value of time in operations for any company, organisation or individual.

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More about Sierra Leon

Sierra Leone is located in West Africa bordered by Guinea in the north east, Liberia in the south east and Atlantic Ocean in the south west with Freetown as the largest and capital city. Bo is the second largest city and second major economic Centre in the country

Sierra Leone is home of about sixteen ethnic groups, each with its own language. In Sierra Leone, a membership of an ethnic group often overlaps with a shared religious identity. These include; Temne, Limba, Mande, Fula, Mandigo, Kono and many others.

The Major Languages in Sierra Leon

The country is multilingual in nature due to different ethnic groups speaking different languages but uses English as the official language and Krio is the most widely spoken. Other languages include; Mende, Temne, Kono, Kissi, Limba, Fula and Susu.

The Economy of Sierra Leon

Sierra Leon’s economy is predominantly Agricultural with about half of its workers engaged in subsistence farming. The principal food crops are rice, cassava, corn, millet, and peanuts. The leading cash crops, most of which are exported are Coffee, Cocoa, Palm Kernels, and Palm oil. Other sectors include trade, mining, services, manufacturing, construction, electricity and water.

Krio Translation Services

Our translation services are accurately offered to the client. We translate Krio into English or to any other language that is preferred by the client. This accuracy component is brought about by the use of native speakers who know the language better.

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