Professional Translation services

The world is warming up to the translation notion because it is involved in almost everything as professional translation services are required in the global world today for purposes of effective communication.

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There are various aspects that fall under translation services and we are going to look at some here;

Translation services which involves getting the meaning of a text or document from one language to others. This might be a book, journal, Newsletter, text books or novels. For example the novel Poor Dad Rich Dad, the Bible has been translated into several languages.

There is what we call interpreting services which involve the word of mouth. Here an interpreter listens to what the source says and relays it to the intended audience in the language they understand best. This maybe consecutive, simultaneous, whisper and many more.

Subtitling is also among the forms of professional translation services and here words are seen on the screen sometimes different from the ones heard on the audio or the words on audio may be the same as those on the screen. In other words it is the printed version of a dialogue on film or television. These words are called sub titles. This means that a deaf person can understand what is being said in the visual even though they cannot hear. In the same way those who do not understand the language spoken are able to because of the sub titles in their own language. I am sure the move Titanic has several versions with subtitles.

There is what we call Transcription which refers to the written form of something spoken.

It should be noted that translations maybe required in differing fields there is and therefore all forms under translations need to use the terminologies involved in the different fields.

Fields in which translation services are carried out include;

  • Medical
  • Education
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Health
  • Food
  • Biology
  • Legal
  • Industrial etc.

For the audience to get the message the way the source intended, professional translation services are the best to be hired for purposes of accuracy, confidentiality and satisfaction. It should be remembered that not every other linguist is capable of carrying out professional translation work.

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