The Significance of Translation Services to Humanity

The word humanity comes from a Latin word HUMANITAS. Humanitas means “human nature, kindness”. This encompasses everyone on earth {you and me}. It comprises of qualities that make me and you human. These include the ability to have compassion, the ability to love and be creative. Therefore this greatly creates a big gap between the human race from all other creatures say aliens/ robots.

In our society today, humans are living a total irony of themselves. Regardless of young /old humans in the current setting similarly behave so indifferent like aliens / robots in every aspect of life. Yet even at times robots behave better compared to the makers [humans]. A case in point are the ongoing murder cases surfacing in our community today. Fellow humans are killing each other for pleasure  calling it revenge, hungry for blood,  and money.

 Exposure of Inhumane in Our Society

Susan Magara a young Ugandan lady was murdered in year 2018 for dubious reasons which also comprised of money and pleasure. The murderers are related to the aliens that are on mission to kill and destroy because the way they killed the young Mutoro was really absurd. Many other cases have been witnessed in Uganda for example Kato Kajubi Godfrey has been accused of murdering Kasirye Joseph for his head and private parts. Such cases have left me and other believers marveling at whether God is not wiping heavily in heaven. These incidents abuse love, compassion and human creativity that were the main aim of God’s cause.

 Why Translation Services for Humanity Awareness

Critically analyzing all these incidents, something really has to be done. This however, has to begin from me, you, leaders, humanitarians, families and to mention but the few. The best solution is sensitizing the people around us about humanity. Though this would be more affective, people should also first admit and agree that there a lot un-humanity going on. This is because the best way to overcome the problem is by admitting its challenge that needs to be overcome.

In addition to that, sensitization should start with our families because they raise us into what we became. Different families through their leaders [fathers, elders and mothers] should be sensitized about humanity through educative programs on television, magazines, newspapers, exhibitions [regional], art performances and movies. These are however effective only if well translated in various different languages that people understand better. It is through translations that  communication is made easy and becomes comprehensive for everyone in the community be it young or old.

Translations equip every human with the best knowledge on how to relate with human kind and as well behave humanly. This is in a way that translations avail every person with the best information about humanity since it is done in the best language that one understands. With well trusted translation companies, a number of translation services can be provided including,

Yoruba translation Services

Runyankole translation services

Madi translation services

Rukiga translation services

Malagasy translation services

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Therefore, through translation the world at large can be made a better place for all human nature. Thus a great importance for the existence of translations in the world today.