How Language Translation Aids Extradition Of Cross Border Criminals

Translation of languages aids in the interception of crime related activities not only in movies but fortunately in real life too. This happens when through international relations, data is shared across borders aimed at bringing a criminal to justice or stopping any other vice.

Sten Heinsoo a 53 year old Swedish national and ex politician indicted in a gross fraudulent activities that cost his company over 23 billion Ugandan shillings. When taken in for questioning a name of a Ugandans appeared as suspect Vivienne Chebet who the Interpol then put on its wanted list as far as that particular crime was concerned.

The story was broken by a Swedish Newspaper before being taken on by Ugandan bloggers and facebook influencers in Uganda. It should be noted that although the Newspaper reported this in Swedish, individuals took it upon themselves to translate to English.

The ICC International Criminal Case has proved that multilingualism, translation and interpretation of languages are all very necessary in the road to justice. The ICC proceedings are dominated by professional interpreters/translators and gadgets like headsets and microphones used for this.

ICC has tried and tries people with crimes against humanity like genocides, massacres and war crimes internationally meaning that it does prosecute criminals from different countries. For the prosecution to take place, there has to be effective communication and since the ICC itself is made up of members from different countries and with different languages just like the criminals are extradited from different language speaking countries, professional translation comes is inevitable.

Examples of famous people extradited include;

  • El-Chapo Guzman, the drug lord extradited from Mexico to the US

    El Chapo, a Mexican drug lord being extradited to the US.
  • Former LR rebel Dominic Ongwen from Uganda extradited to the Hague. It should be noted that Ongwen uses his mother tongue Acholi, Swahili and a little English to communicate with the help of interpreters.

    Dominic Ongwen. a former general in the Lord’s Resistance Army from Uganda during trials at the Hague.
  • Charles Taylor former president of Liberia extradited from Nigeria to face war crime charges.

Although the official languages of the ICC are Arabic, Spanish, English, Chinese and Russian, there are many more languages depending on the trial at hand.

African languages used at ICC Interpretations and translation include;

Professional translation, interpretation, subtitling, transcription to mention a few are vital for purposes of effective communication in life at general.