How to Tackle Environmental Degradation Through Translations

Environmental degradation refers to the deterioration of the environment through depletion of resources such as air and soil leading to destruction of ecosystem and existent of wild life. This process can be as a result of various reasons say human activities like lumbering, bricklaying, grazing settlement and agriculture. Such activities have created various crisis on the climate change, pollution and depletion as well. With such crisis, the earth has not been spared from changes like earthquakes, floods, landslides, strong winds and a lot of natural hazards.

Instances Suffered as a Result of Environmental Degradation

Due to the natural hazards, say earthquakes, floods, and prolonged droughts, many nations have lived to regret the days of stay on planet earth.  You should note that, earthquakes kill, on average, about 20,000 people every year. Great masses all over the world are suffering consequences of degradation. In Africa many cities are hit by the strong landslides that leave many dead for example over the past years hundreds of people have been killed- countries like Uganda where hundreds of people have been displaced and many dead due to landslides in different parts of the country like Bududa. Another instance happened in January 2018, when officials in Cape Town announced that the city of 4 million people was three months away from running out of municipal water, the world was stunned. Labelled “Day Zero” by local officials and brought on by three consecutive years of anemic rainfall, April 12, 2018, was to be the date of the largest drought-induced municipal water failure in modern history.

Hope Expressed Through Professional Translations

Various groups and organizations have come up with various campaigns to educate the world about the essence of protecting the environment. These have   gone to plant trees and providing equipment’s as well like the iron bars, gas cookers, in name of solving issues related to the environment.  Campaigns like go green and Tuve ku kaveera have tried to educate different persons to avoid degrading the environment. However in regards to their effort, there is still hope that once such organizations work hand in hand with professional translation companies such catastrophes will be washed out. This can be done best through professional translation service that can avail basic information to the world at large in different languages that various people understand best. Some of these African languages include Swahili, Lingala, Oromo, Tigrinya, Somali, Bemba, Malagasy, Wolof, Luganda, Madi, Ndebele among many others. This has no exception with the European and Asian languages like German, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian, Russian, Turkish and many others. Mandarin/Cantonese, Thai, Punjabi, Urdu, Indonesian/Bahasa, Malay, Hindi and many more.

The environment will hopefully be at a better position free from degradation.