Cement your Business in Africa through Professional Africa Translation Services

How cementing your business in Africa through Professional Africa Translation Services will help  your establishment get rooted in the long run.

Yes Africa has more than 1500 indigenous languages with some mutually intelligible and having words similar in spelling, pronunciation and spelling for example, kubona; a word in Zambia and in the Lusoga language in Uganda referring to sight or the ability to see, and other language completely different. The indigenous languages of Africa are gaining importance and therefore business personnel looking to expand or establish themselves on the continent ought to put translation of these languages into consideration.


Why Professional Africa Translation Services?

There are however languages Africa shares with the rest of the world that were introduced by early travelers, traders and missionaries and were adopted therefore as official and lingua francas. It should be noted that although these adopted languages ease communication between Africa and the rest of the world, there are still changes that a business person interested in setting up base in Africa should be concerned about.

These adopted languages are influenced by the mother tongues in Africa hence the change in accents and by various cultures, borders and so much more and therefore context is very important when it comes to communication, even with languages shared among different people.

An entrepreneur with their eye on Africa should have in mind that the continent has 54 countries with each country although having similarities with its neighboring counterparts , still has diversities of its own depending on tribes, clans, foreign influences like former colonial masters, climate divides religion to mention a few. For example, Morocco and Algeria up North may have similarities of Arab influences and similarities in culture but are far apart when compared to Uganda in the sub-Sahara East of the continent where English is an official language.

What should be done?

This is where Professional Africa Translation Services come in because such companies source for translators and interpreters who not only have the languages in mind as their native mother tongue, but went further to have professional qualifications in the said language. Having a language as a mother tongue means that this individual is able to translate having the slogans and culture of the targeted audience in mind. This could include; the staple food of that targeted audience, jokes, sayings and proverbs synonymous with them and a lot more.

Then such Professional Africa Translation Services also have translators and interpreters who are well conversant with the field I question and this could be with the legal, medical, academic or financial field if we are to mention a few.

Languages to consider when cementing a business in Africa

By Angela Kyolaba

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