Xenophobic Attacks In South Africa – Solution With Professional Translation

There has been much disharmony in the recent days in the beautiful country South Africa. The most recent one being on  2nd  September, 2019 in Johannesburg. Do you know the reason why? Well, a section of the society says that the South Africans are causing disharmony in their own country because of xenophobia (hatred towards people of other community or country etc.). Considering this is the case, doesn’t a question arrive that the locals are causing harm to themselves as well in the process of looting the foreigners?

The locals there are also setting the foreigners shops on fire and taking away all that they can get their hands on. However, another section of the society says that these are just a few criminal minded people who are hiding under the curtain of xenophobia. They are targeting only the foreigners so that these attacks look like acts of xenophobia.

Who, Then, Is Correct?

These kinds of attacks were not uncommon in the country of South Africa. Statistics say that these attacks have occurred at a high rate in the year 2008 and then in 2015. Now, again, the bar is rising high. People in various parts of South Africa are getting looted everyday and there have been a few deaths in the process as well.

One of the reasons these loots are happening is because the unemployment rate in South Africa is about 28%. This statistic indicates a large number of people who are in a state of unrest because they do not have any jobs. In addition to that, they observe that the immigrants have jobs in their country. Though the immigrants are earning their living in an honest manner, this causes jealousy in the hearts of a few criminal-minded people and they are the ones who commit these crimes.

The policemen there are doing everything they can to help the people who are endangered. They have taken strict measures to control these loots. These measures include arresting, using tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets. One of the sad things we have to notice is that in this process, the innocent locals are also getting affected. The name of the country is going down continuously because of all these happenings.

It is very clear that xenophobia is only an excuse which the criminals are using to cause all this distress in the country.

How Can Professional Translation Services Be Part Of The Solution?

Amidst all the spite that exists between some of the locals and the non-locals, there also exist lots of people who want this thuggery to stop and live in peace. Violence, indeed, is violence, regardless of on what basis or in which place it happens and it needs to be stopped for the well-being of the whole country. The little solution to these loots and violence lies in professional translation services. By effective communication between the locals and the immigrants, there can be better understanding and empathy. Right now, the locals and the immigrants might not have complete understanding of the feelings of each other and translation services will help them understand each other better and then, we can finally hope that the locals and the immigrants will co-exist peacefully.