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Interview Transcription Services

Translate 4 Africa delivers fastest professional interview transcription in over 100 languages on the African continent for example; Ganda, Afrikaans, Igbo, French, Arabic, Fulani to mention a few. We cater for  a diverse client base, including universities and research institutions, firms spanning countless industries, and the police and government among other public sector factions. Interview transcription allows these parties to save time and increase productivity while  enabling them to easily absorb key information from interviews we present to them in any text format.

Top Interview Transcription

Interviews are detail oriented  and sensitive  since derived information  in taken seriously; therefore,  should be faithfully recorded if they are to serve their purpose successfully. Translate 4 Africa served in the industry for 20 years, which has equipped its transcription team with  skills to overcome all shortcomings of interviews to deliver genuine accuracy.

The following is transcribed following:

  • University Research Interviews
  • Student Research Interviews
  • Market Research Interviews
  • Job Interviews
  • Legal Interviews
  • Educational Interviews
  • Medical Interviews
  • Journalistic Interviews
  • Podcast and Radio Interviews
  • PACE Interviews
<H1>Interview Transcription Services</H1>

Professional Interview Transcriptionists

Interview transcriptionists working for Translate 4 Africa are experienced in overcoming such obstacles as complex words and phrasing, poor quality audio and thick foreign accents to produce interview transcription of the utmost accuracy. Under no circumstances do we outsource interview transcriptions to non-native speakers in the subcontinent, as unfortunately is the current trend in many sectors of the transcription industry.

Secure and Confidential

We adhere to stringent data protection policies by having files transfers encrypted and secure both when sending and receiving. Translate 4 Africa interview transcriptionists are bound by confidentiality agreements.

Fast Turnaround Times

Our interview transcription team is  skillfully the fastest.Your project will be delivered accurate and according to pre-arranged turnaround time, ranging from same day to extended TAT’s that can also see typing carried out over weekends. Our project managers are always on hand to update you on the status of an assignment.

You may also refer to more of our transcription services which include legal transcription,  medical transcription,  conference transcription and audio-video transcriptions. Fill in a free quote available here or contact

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