What is the Lingua Franca of the Sports World?

As the world is a global village, so is the Sports fraternity especially as players in various fields are transferred from one club to another from and to different countries if spotted by professional scouts.

Just like music, sports is a universal language that is well understood by people of different backgrounds, ages and countries but still to thrive in the new clubs these people are sent to, effective communication has to take place for proper training sessions and for healthy relationships between fellow players and coaches.

Sports has no Lingua franca

It should be noted that sports players sometimes come from countries with different languages from those of their host country especially Africans from West African countries like Togo, Nigeria, Ivory Coast relocating to the Arab world, Europe and the US.

This is usually seen after matches when players and coaches are interviewed and give their answers in a different language to that of the interviewer. This shows how important communication is and that different languages do not necessarily mean lack of communication.

It is said by certain people that English is the lingua franca of sports and this is true to a certain extent as the English language is used even when not fluently by many sports men from different countries to express themselves. However it should be noted that there are people from certain countries that can only express themselves a little or not all in English. English maybe an official language in plenty of countries, there are countries where it is only taught as a lesson in some classes and the official or lingua francas are Arabic, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin etc.

Translation services may save the day

This is where professional translation services come in to ease communication and make life easier for both the players, coaches, team mates and their fans and such services include;





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Examples of famous sports personnel that originate from African countries include;

Yaya Toure from Ivory Coast and the Midfielder for Manchester city with various victories.

There are several talented soccer stars for Cameroon and these include striker Samuel Eto’o and goal keeper Thomas N’kono.

From Ghana there is former Chelsea midfielder, Michael Essien etc.

Almost everyone around the world may know a word or two in the English language however for effective communication, professional translation services are vital in the Sports’ world.