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Content that connects international audiences

In today’s world, content drives sales, marketing, user engagement, and even user experience. Most successful companies have stopped competing on features and now focus on brands, and brands are primarily driven by storytelling. Did you know! More than half of the purchase decisions are made before the customer even reaches…

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How to escape Cyber attacks by 2020!

With the number of cyber-attacks increasing across the globe day by day, businesses are seeking for new ways to ensure the cyber safety of their organizations. One way to double-check that cyber-security is the best it can be; is to seek assistance from companies that specialize in safeguarding systems and…

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How professional can marketing translation and localization be done?

Majority of companies exploit the chance to take their business across borders with excitement! Unaware of the fact that they’re about to join the infamous rank of international marketing fails. They think they’re taking along plenty of hard-earned know-how from home. But sometimes this all pales in comparison to a…