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Website localization most effective points not to miss

Do you have an urge to expand your brand’s global markets? Website translation is one step not to miss. However, having your website content translated may not achieve you much. That is why it’s vital for you to go past just translation to website localization. Localization is vital to your…

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African languages

African languages in the Diaspora

While the African continent is known to have over 1500 indigenous languages used and spoken, one wonders how many of those African languages are still used while in the Diaspora. It should be noted that thousands of Africans cross to other continents for various reasons and these include; recreational purposes…

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The Oxfam Saga in African countries

Oxfam has been making headlines a while ago and all for the wrong reasons which is very ironic given the fact that this is a combination of about 17 charitable organisations operating in 90 countries including African countries like Nigeria, yet one would think it is only mentioned for bringing relief…

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Have you heard of the Zexit? When Africa’s Leaders hold onto power.

France coercing Joseph Kabila to pull out of the coming presidential polls to take place in Congo while in the southern part of the continent, the ANC party members which is the ruling party in South Africa voting to oust the incumbent Jacob Zuma as the country’s president thus gaining…