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Interpreting Services South Sudan

Interpreting generally consists of verbally translating a message from one language into another, to another person or group of people, in real time. From coast to coast, in a variety of settings, and in multiple languages.

At Translate 4 Africa, it’s our priority to ensure quality and exceed industry standards for our South Sudan interpreting services that we provide. We have a team of qualified interpreters who are specialties in various languages such as; English, Dinka, Bari, Luo, Nuer languages. Our interpreting services play a vital role in various areas such as conferences and meetings, courts of law, medical fields, media, schools as well as in the sign language field. Our interpreters are skilled in various fields such as medicalfinancialtechnical, among other fields. Get the best interpreting services in South Sudan, Get in touch with us today.

Our proficient interpreting services in South Sudan

Our interpreting services in South Sudan are carried out by professional interpreters with experience in consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, phone interpretation, and whisper interpretation. Once you confirm your booking for interpreters, we carefully study your event details before allocating the interpreter.

Our South Sudan interpretation services are affordable and we offer assistance in different sectors such as medical, finance, IT and others.

Basic types of interpreting services in South Sudan

  • South Sudan whispering interpreting

Whispering interpreting can be compared to simultaneous interpreting, with the only difference that with this type of interpreting, the interpreter is not in a booth wearing headphones, but is sitting next to the person or persons that they interpret for. While the source language speaker is talking, they quietly talk into the target speaker’s ear.

Whisper interpreting puts quite a strain on the interpreter’s voice and is often used for business meetings where only one person is in need of interpreting or in courtrooms where someone sitting in the back does not speak the source language.

  • South Sudan consecutive interpreting

In contrast to simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting does not occur at the same time the source language speaker is talking. It is only when the speaker pauses that the interpreter repeats what is being said in the target language. Consecutive interpreting is more than likely what people need when they think of business interpreters.

One of the most important skills a consecutive interpreter must possess is the ability to take notes. As it is virtually impossible to memorise multiple minutes of speech, note taking is essential to convey the correct message.

  • South Sudan Simultaneous interpreting

At a simultaneous interpreting event, the interpreter has to listen to what is being said and translate this into the target language at the same time. This mode of interpreting is aimed at conveying the exact language instead of paraphrasing and is used for big meetings, conferences and trade shows.

When interpreting simultaneously, the interpreter wears headphones and is located in a booth. He or she talks into a microphone that is connected to the target language speakers. In simultaneous interpretation, there is no time to overthink translations hence interpreters must make decisions on spot to reduce in loss of words or phrases which might influence the message the targeted listener receives.

  • Scheduled Telephone Interpreting /over the phone interpretation.

This type of interpreting can be both consecutive and simultaneous. One aspect is fixed, however; the interpreter is not physically present in the room, but translates via telephone. If the participants are fine with only hearing the interpreter’s voice and not, the interpreting assignment will be conducted in a consecutive manner. The accuracy of an over the phone interpretation is often lower than that of face to face interpreting sessions because it cannot pick up on extra linguistic clues about the speaker’s meaning and context

Interpreting Services South Sudan
Languages interpreting services in South Sudan
  • South Sudan Portuguese interpreting services:

Our interpreting agency offers professional Portuguese interpreting services in and around South Sudan. Our Portuguese interpreters in South Sudan are fully professional, experienced and competent to handle language interpretation assignments of both public and private organizations.

  • South Sudan Arabic interpreting services:

Translate 4 Africa provides professional South Sudan Arabic interpreting services for medical, legal, business, education, financial and many more other clients. Whether you are hosting an international conference or multilingual event, conducting training for your overseas employees, or looking for a personal Arabic interpreter to assist you, contact us. Translate 4 Africa provides a comprehensive set of interpreting services for any environment. We offer on-site interpreting, both consecutive and simultaneous, anytime and anywhere you need it Telephonic interpreting and rental of interpreting equipments are also available.

  • South Sudan French interpreting services:

With French interpretation services in high demand, businesses need a company they can trust! Our esteemed interpreting agency has provided French interpreting services in South Sudan on various occasions. For instance medical appointments, client interviews, depositions, parent/teacher conferences, employee orientations, religious functions and more. Our team of French interpreters in is ready to be hired to deliver a bespoke interpreting solution for your needs. We only contrast professionally trained and qualified linguistics for every appointment. Have an experience with our professional South Sudan French interpreters, contact us today.

  • South Sudan Chinese interpreting services:

As Translate 4 Africa, we always strive to live up to our reputation by providing award-winning Chinese interpretation services. We work extremely hard to offer a consistently quality service, thanks to our dedicated project management team and global network of talented, certified and highly-specialized linguistics. Our esteemed agency prides in providing specialist expertise across a range of sectors such as medical, legal, marketing, technical, educational, among others. This is why at Translate 4 Africa, we do not only provide native Chinese interpreters, but we also make sure your interpreter is qualified and experienced in the sector you are targeting.

Translate 4 Africa Interprets Across Africa

Translate 4 Africa Ltd provides interpreting services across Africa to many countries including Tanzania, Angola, Madagascar, Ethiopia, Zambia, Uganda, and many more. Translate 4 Africa’s commitment to quality means that each and every translation is cross checked and proofread to ensure accuracy, appropriateness for the target market and an impeccable standard of work.

Do you need an interpreting agency to provide interpreting services in South Sudan for your business? We are the agency to approach. Contact us today via and one of our specialist interpreting managers shall be happy to provide you with an interpreting quote.

Besides interpreting, our translation agency provides accurate and professional document translations, transcription and subtitling services.


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