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Bassa Translation Services

We provide professional Bassa translation services to any target language. Our team of Bassa translators is comprised of native speakers doing translation for the respective languages. Having your document translated by a Bassa native speaker with experience in translation ensures quality of the work.

About Bassa language

The Bassa language is a Kru language spoken by about 350,000 people in Liberia and 5,000 in Sierra Leone by Bassa people.

English to Bassa translation services

At Translate 4 Africa, we offer translations of all kinds; could be document, Academic, Immigration, legal or any other field are carried out by our professional and experienced stuff from English language to Bassa.

Quality of our services

As a team of experts in the translation industry, we have helped companies communicate with confidence and deliver transformative business results by enabling powerful experiences that engage customers across multiple touchpoints all strengthened by our human expertise and machine learning technology. Our professional translators for all Bassa language combinations are comprised of native speakers with huge experience in translation.

Areas of Expertise

Translate 4 Africa has taken an increased effort to establish our own areas of specialization, as well as maintaining focus in the areas of our renowned expertise. With our native Bassa linguistic experts, we are able to provide high levels of professional excellence and quality.

  • E-learning /Education Translation Services

With an exponential rise in the number of companies and educational institutes making shift from classroom learning to elearning, the ability to create interactive, effective learning material that simulates real-life interactions has become essential. With 98% of organisations to use elearning by 2020, Translate 4 Africa offers professional Bassa translation services for their educational courses, video training materials, presentations and documents. It is our aim to help businesses in various sectors such as IT, medicine and finance, in addition to schools and universities, to translate their E-learning content. Using the highest level of linguistic quality and accuracy, our Bassa translation service ensures an outstanding cultural experience.


  • Engineering & Technical Translation Services

Translate 4 Africa makes it easy to access expert technical translation services to suit your requirements. As one of the leading professional Bassa translation services, with a solid background in this industry, we have a huge team of experts with years of experience in all types of technical translations. This includes engineering, construction, and robotics. We ensure that all translators that deal with your technical translation have expertise and experience in this area. Whatever type of technical documentation you need to have translated, you can rely on our experts to help.

  • Financial Translation Services

At Translate 4 Africa, our confidence in financial translation roots from our vast experience in the language and finance. With our translators’ industry expertise and knowledge of financial terminology we offer you with essential Bassa financial translation services that reflects total quality adherence and accuracy.

Our translators are all native speakers of their target languages with an educational background and experience in finance and banking. We offer financial translation from and into any language for your fintech, forex, or financial documents. Our financial services are easily available to any individual or company so contact us.


  • IT and Software Translation Services

In the 21st Century, Informational technology (IT) Bassa translations and software localization are of high priority and importance. Whether it is small businesses run by a single person or huge international corporations, IT plays a dominant role in ensuring efficient business settings and communication. Similar to accounting and legal, many businesses are investing in technology and innovation in order to compete in the global market. The culture, efficiency and relationships of a business, ensuring security of confidential information and trade advantages are important features that are affected by technological infrastructure. Thus, high-quality and reliable IT Bassa translations are essential for information technology development, operations and sustainment of any growing business.

With comprehensive solutions for IT translations, Translate 4 Africa boasts a large team of highly skilled and experience Bassa language professionals, industry experts and various project managers. Our aim to ensure an in-depth attention to detail, a focus on accurate technical translation of texts in the field of IT, hardware or software. Using our translations, your business will be able to thrive and strengthen its position in foreign markets.

  • Legal Translation Services

When it comes to legal documentation, accuracy is of utmost importance. Legal documents can be complex to understand and if you need to have them translated you require the help of experts with experience in both the language and legal fields At Translate 4 Africa, Bassa legal translation we provide you with this expertise, with a team of experienced legal translators with plenty of experience in translation of legal documents. Translate 4 Africa recognizes the importance of delivering outstanding high-quality Bassa translations in the private and public sectors. No matter what type of legal documentation you need to have translated, you can rely on our experienced translators to help.

  • Life Sciences Translation Services

Life Sciences is concerned with the study of living organisms, including biology, microbiology, plant sciences, biomedical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, animal health, zoology and environmental studies. There has been an increase worldwide of professionals publishing research results across renowned journals, presenting their findings at international conferences and meetings; as well as developing corporate and/or public communication policies and procedures.

Translate 4 Africa Bassa translators are experts in the life science industry and understand the regulatory requirements that need to be adhered. Specializing in medicine, pharmaceuticals, clinical testing, medical device manufacturing and other areas, our translators are able to provide authentic representations of original research using clear and accurate communication. Our quality assurance methods guarantee client and document confidentiality, as our Bassa translation services form both the basis and stimulus of global scientific collaboration.

  • Manufacturing Technical Translation Services

Globalization and technological advancements have increased opportunities for the plant and mechanical engineering sector. At Translate 4 Africa, we provide technical Bassa translation and manufacturing translation services that are personalized to global business needs. This includes business integration, harmonizing business unity and small manufacturers exploring partnerships to support their global journey.

The automotive, chemical, machinery and construction manufacturing industries require Bassa technical translations that ensure information flow is seamless, fast and accurate. To compete in the current globally connected world, our translations will ensure your company’s success. The Translate 4 Africa Bassa expert linguists are specialists in this area and possess the knowledge and skills necessary for manufacturing texts to be accurately reproduced in the target language; ensuring your company thrives in the global marketplace.

  • Marketing and Advertising Translation Services

In order to have your business grow at the international stage, effective communication and adequate Bassa marketing translations are fundamental. Translate 4 Africa specializes in translating communications in order for your business to transfer communication from one country to another, as well as operational marketing campaigns for foreign markets. Our cost-effective and efficient translations for advertising and marketing will enable your company to stay ahead of global competition for increased market share. Using native Bassa expert translators, our professional service will ensure your advertising and marketing strategies generate an impact on your global audience.

  • Medical Translation Services

At Translate 4 Africa, we have a large team of highly experienced and skilled Bassa professional translators who are able to provide medical translation services designed to suit your needs. These translations include texts in the areas of medicine, healthcare pharmaceutical products, medical devices and clinical trials; as well as informed consent forms, medical device manuals (IFU/DFU), hospital documents and medical reports.

Our medical translators are all native speakers of the Bassa language and are adept in many areas of medicine such as patient case study reports, hospital reports and documentation, pharmaceutical translation, and more. What you get is a medical translation service that is fast, efficient and accurate.

  • Travel & Hospitality Translation Services

Travel industry is one of the largest consumer of human translation services. At translate 4 Africa, we have experts in Bassa translations who can localize your content with native fluency. Travel content can vary from small sign posts, audio/video guides, food menus, and press releases. We help u reach out to the global audience by making your travel business multilingual. Contact us today.


  • Religious Translation Services

As the cornerstone of the establishment of various religions and their traditions, the religious texts and documents have an important role in benefiting society as well as in upholding the values in it. The texts are considered sacred and reliable by believers in many faiths and their translation has been used in international scholarship in history, theology, and other humanities. Careful and accurate translation of these documents are able to provide society with full information about and understanding of the religion and is necessary to avoid any issues regarding the authenticity of the texts.

Translate 4 Africa boasts a diverse team of talented translators and brings your company closer to your international audience through accurate Bassa religious text translation services. Our native Bassa translators have a background in every culture and faith, and concentrate on the sensitive nature of religious translations, the original text source; thereby transferring it accurately, faithfully and integrally to the target audience. Translate 4 Africa carefully selects the team of Bassa religious translators, ensuring qualification tests are done and guidelines are maintained. Our specialized translators and editors have excellent religious understanding and knowledge needed to handle your translations.

  • Website Translation Services

Over 6500 languages are spoken by 7 billion people across the globe, meaning English-only websites reach less than 25% of Internet users worldwide. The smartest companies realize that having a multilingual website is crucial to reach foreign markets and increase international sales. Translate 4 Africa have mastered the art of specialized website localization, enabling you to present your content in local languages. Our highly adept language experts understand the local taste of a particular region and produce intelligently translated websites.

The Bassa language is unique as it is spoken by 60 to 140 million people in Africa. Translate 4 Africa takes the time to evaluate and understand your business, brand and marketing messages. Bringing the essence of your brand to life for various cultures, our native translators have vast experience and use industry leading translation technology to help you with your website localization so that your business can augment a global presence. We provide quality and end-to-end Bassa website translation solutions that your business can continue to depend on.

 Africa is the most diverse continent on the planet and Translate 4 Africa can help you speak to everyone. We recognize that experience cannot be improvised. Take advantage of our professional native Bassa translators today

Confidentiality and time management

 At Translate 4 Africa, each role makes a worldwide impact and we’ve been privileged to help many companies make a global impact by developing relevant, personalized connections with their customers. Discover your next opportunity and be part of making an impact, by working with us in language and content management.

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