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Ghana Translation Services

Translate 4 Africa agency provides quick, accurate and timely Ghana translation services. We provide a diversity of translation projects like legal aid translations, website translations, book translations, medical translations and many others. Our professional translators have summative skills to execute their duties in translation activities towards serving the clients.

About Ghana

Ghana is a sovereign state and unitary presidential constitutional democracy along the Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic ocean in the sub region of west Africa spanning land mass of 238535 km2, Ghana is bordered by the ivory coast to the west, Burkina Faso to the north, Togo to the east and the Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic ocean in the south. Accra is the capital city.

Languages Spoken in Ghana

The official language is basically English spoken by 67.1% and other national languages include; Twi, Dagaare, Dagbani, Dangme, Ewe, Ga, Gonja, Kasem, Fante, Nzema, and Talensi Akan, Asante, Chinese, Hausa.

The Economy of Ghana.

Ghana’s economy is diverse with rich resources base; with primary manufacturing and exportation of digital technology goods combined with automotive and ship construction and exportation; as well as exportation rich resource hydrocarbons, industrial minerals among many others, makes Ghana attain one of the highest GDP per capita in Africa. In 2011, Ghana became the fastest growing economy in the world.

There are also other sectors in Ghana like; private banking, manufacturing, tourism, industrialization, agriculture and mining.

The Akan Translation Services

At translate 4 Africa we deliver quality translation services. We translate Akan language into any target language and vice versa.

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