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Accra Interpreting Services

Interpreting eliminates language barriers across the African cities and the world at large therefore the need for professional Accra interpreting services has grown. Translate 4 Africa Interpreting services plays an important role in many areas such as conferences and meetings, courts of law, medical fields, media, schools and in the sign language field.

About Accra

A melting pot of cultures, Accra still has signs from the colonial era as 17th century buildings are seen together with the new western style buildings on the Atlantic coast of West Africa. Accra has the 17th century Danish castle where slaves were gathered far back in history before they were shipped off to their various destinations and is now where the parliament of Ghana seats. Then for tourists there is the Nkwame Nkrumah Memorial park with statues of the great who helped lead the country to independence and is still seen as a model for African leaders as he is among the few former African presidents with an untainted leadership. It is the biggest and at the same time the capital city of Ghana with over 2 million people who for purposes of communication speak and use English, Twi, Ewe among others.

The Quality of Interpreting Services in Accra           

Professional interpreting services into and from all languages spoken and used in the city of Accra as well as other major cities and towns in other parts of Africa. Translate 4 Africa’s Interpreting Services are characterized by accuracy, professionalism and confidentiality for purposes of effective communication. Other cities with our Services include; Accra, Mogadishu, Abuja, Lagos, Harare, Nairobi, Johannesburg etc.

Types of interpreting in Accra include;

Simultaneous interpreting; The interpreter is placed in a sound proof room where he speaks in to devices that enable the audience targeted to understand. The audience is usually fitted with hearing aids that they alone and maybe other only get to hear the voice of the interpreter. Here the interpreter interprets the moment the speaker finishes a sentence. This is very useful for world summits and large conferences that involve people of the same goal and initiative but who speak and understand different languages; French, Ganda, Swahili, Afrikaans, Portuguese, Arabic etc.

Consecutive interpreting; Where the interpreter is close to the speaker and interprets every after a few words or sentences. This is very suitable for smaller gatherings or meetings like birthdays or small conferences. Sometimes this is because there are not so may languages involved here. In fact it is possible that the entire audience understand one of the two languages used. This kind of translation is very common at religious gatherings. The problem here is that the main speaker has to always wait and give time to the interpreter to get done with interpreting what the former said before thus consuming almost double the time.

Chuchotage interpretation; Here an interpreter interprets to only one or two people as the main speaker does his thing, the interpreter does his thing at the same time as the main speaker making it prone to misinterpretations and miscommunication.

Liaison interpretation; Interpreting directly as the conversation or dialogue goes on. It is meant to create and maintain a certain level of mutual understanding and is usually used for very small gatherings that involve a conversation like aspect. Problem here is that it is very easy for the interpreter to overshadow the main speaker. At the end of the day, an interpreter is a very important link in the communication process and should therefore be a professional one. This is to ensure accuracy when delivering the message to the audience in the form intended by the source of that very message.

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