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Simultaneous Interpreting Services

Translate 4 Africa provides top quality simultaneous interpreting services for a wide range of fields and languages in Africa. Whether you need interpreters for casual one-to-one meetings, formal legal hearings or something in between, we have simultaneous interpreters with experience in virtually any situation.

What is Simultaneous Interpreting services?

Simultaneous interpreting is one of the most common kinds of interpreting; but also the most tricky. A simultaneous interpreter is someone who interprets for someone in another language while the speaker speaks without interruption.

The main benefit of simultaneous interpreting services is that they ensure speech consistency, shortens conference time and improves conference efficiency. In many cases, an isolation booth is required to ensure that interpreters can focus their attention on interpretation without interference.

If you are not sure about the mode of interpretations that your task involves then call our experts for a discussion. They will advise you about the most suitable form of interpreting. Translate 4 Africa’s main goal as an interpretation agency is to provide exactly the right service for the client with maximum satisfaction.

Experienced Simultaneous Interpreters

Along with translation and interpreting services in many fields, we also offer simultaneous interpretation for a wide array of fields, from business and politics to media and sports events. Some of our most requested simultaneous interpreters are:

  • Legal simultaneous interpreters
  • Business simultaneous interpreters
  • Medical simultaneous interpreters
  • Event simultaneous interpreters
  • Media simultaneous interpreters

We have provided simultaneous interpreters to the European High Commission, the House of Parliament and Court of Justices across the country. All simultaneous interpreters supplied by Translate 4 Africa have a minimum of 5 years experience. All our interpreters are bound by a non-disclosure agreement. We respect the confidentiality of our clients’ projects and are committed to maintaining our high ethical standards. Please try our other services which include Conference interpreting and Consecutive interpreting respectively.

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The will make the whole process easier and will help us to provide the best simultaneous interpreting service:

  • Always be clear about why you are hiring an interpreter. Our experts will advise you on the number of interpreters required for any specific task and any language. Languages may include;  Somali, French, Portuguese to mention a few.
  • Give as much background information on the situation the interpreter will find themselves in. this helps us to provide the most suitable interpreter/interpreters.
  • Plan ahead. In order to provide the best possible service, we advise our customers to book the required interpreters at least two weeks in advance. However, we also provide a last minute interpreting services for emergency cases.

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